Decorative Flake

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Technical Data.


Width : Various(1mm - 12mm)

Weight: 1Kg

Consumption: 25-300 grams per m2

This can be varied depending on desired effect

Application Guide.


Application Procedure and Equipment

  1. Broadcast CROMFLOORTM Decorative Flake at the following rates;
    • Light Flake : 25grams per m2 (700g - 30m2)
    • Medium Flake: 60grams per m2 (700g - 12m2)
    • Full Flake: 300grams per m2 (700g - 2.5m2)
  2. CROMFLOORTM Decorative Flake should be broadcast as evenly as possible over wet CROMFLOORTMWB2K. This will ensure consistent coverage and result.
  3. Once dry excess CROMFLOORTM Flake should be swept off before overcoating with 2 coats CROMFLOORTM PU 51.



  • A test patch should always be carried out.
  • Do not apply to heavily, as sealer performance will be affected.

Transport and Storage.


Size: 1L Flash Point N/A
Weights: 700g UN Number: N/A
Dangerous Goods Class: N/A

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