PU 51

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Technical Data.

Number of Coats: 2

Spreading Rate Per Coat: 6m2 / L

Wet Film Per Coat: 166 microns

Recoat(@250C): 2 hours

Curing time: 48 hours

Colour: Clear

Thinner: Water

Shelf Life: 12 months

Application Guide.

Surface Preparation

  1. On new concrete, ensure concrete had been cured for at least 28 days. Ensure all traces of oil or other contaminants are removed, as this may affect adhesion.
  2. On old concrete, remove all disfiguring contaminants by mechanical or chemical means, such as detergent wash, household bleach and high-pressure washing. The level of cleaning will determine the final appearance that will be achieved.
  3. When refinishing old concrete, test adhesion of CROMFLOORTM PU 51 with duct tape before proceeding. Any pick off indicates that more sanding and cleaning is required.

Application Procedure and Equipment

  1. Before application, assess the porosity of the concrete. On new concrete apply a coat of CROMFLOORTM Rocfloor as a sealer: Mix 3 parts CROMFLOORTM Rocfloor to 1 part water to increase penetration. For older, worn / dusting concrete, dilution may not be required and apply at a rate of 6 - 12 m2 / L.
  2. CROMFLOORTM Rocfloor may be top coated in 3 -4 hours with CROMFLOORTM PU 51.


  • Do not apply CROMFLOORTM PU 51 if the temperature is below 100C, or if relative humidity is above 85%, or if rain is imminent.
  • Do not apply CROMFLOORTM PU 51 to wet substrates - moisture content should be less than 15%. Check with a moisture meter.
  • Where floor treatments are later laid only use latex base adhesives.

Transport and Storage.

Sizes: 15L

Weight: 16kg

Dangerous Goods Class: N/A

Flash Point: N/A

UN Number: N/A

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